Access to highly sensitive data, such as your customers‘ addresses, needs to be protected. According to the Federal Data Protection Act (Section 11, BDSG), the party who originally obtains data (e.g. addresses) continues to be responsible for protecting the data on behalf of the consumer or customer, even after passing this data on to a third party. This applies, for example, to direct advertising campaigns or catalogue mailing, etc.

We protect you by fulfilling the criteria set out in Section 9 of the Federal Data Protection Act as follows:

Entry control
Our company premises are protected by alarm and by video surveillance. All data is stored in a server room that is also secured electronically and cannot be accessed from outside the building.
System access control
All data processing systems are protected by secure passwords to prevent unauthorised use.
Data access control
All personal data is subject to a detailed authorisation concept. This ensures that only those persons responsible for processing the data concerned can gain access.
Transfer control
If data, as part of your order, must be passed on to another party, it is protected by encryption and passwords.
Input controls
A detailed log of the processing of personal data ensures that it can be traced at any time what data was entered, changed or deleted, by whom and when.
Order control
Training, operating instructions and user guidelines ensure that the data will be processed only as directed by the client (customer).
Availability control
Your data is safe with us! Your data is protected against loss and damage thanks to the use of redundant storage systems, regular data backups and protection against external risks such as power failures, fire or flood.
Separation control
All data is separated by customer. This ensures that data collected for different purposes is processed separately.

Our data protection officer is on hand to deal with any queries you may have.