Plagiarism protection

We are the specialist for counterfeit-proof folding boxes and packaging. Whether children’s toys, electrical appliances, medication or spare car parts – counterfeit products are frequently finding their way into shops and businesses and threaten the health of consumers and the livelihood of brand manufacturers. We offer our customers various ultramodern procedures that can be realised as a standardisation of types in printing and further processing. Counterfeits can be taken out of circulation quickly at control points. Depending on the process and version, the originality is checked by means of optical or acoustic identification systems.

The benefits

  • Packaging is protected against plagiarism. The protection is counterfeit-proof and legally compliant
  • Manufacturers are protected against loss of revenue and image deterioration caused by plagiarism of their products
  • The procedure is universally patented
  • 100% proof of origin of the packaging is guaranteed
  • Originality can be identified easily, quickly, cheaply and reliably by traders, customs officers and trademark owners around the world
  • The plagiarism protection cannot be copied, altered or manipulated