Digital magazines

Interested in having around 30 million international sales prospects? You can now place your sales message, information and offers in multimedia magazines, catalogues and applications for mobile end devices. We have the expertise, the software and the hardware to help you do it!

Layouts with video and audio sequences, variable portrait or landscape formats, product illustrations in the form of slideshows, hotspots, scrollable elements, web links… your digital magazine can make even the most complex content come alive, making it exciting and easily understood. The results are simply amazing!

Our digital magazine is available on the AppStore:




The benefits

  • Creation of your print product with (video and audio integration, web links)
  • Attractive presentation and information options – photo slide shows and hotspots (alternative levels)
  • Perfect layout for digital magazines – interactive functions enable easy “hands-on” experience of your products.
  • Web 2.0 connection to social networks provides information about customer requirements.
  • You can now reach your customers in a new market!