Times are changing. But the demand for quality stays the same!

In 1659, the history books first mention of the court printing house of the court printer Johannes Todt, located near the university printing press in Paderborn. This is where Media-Print Informationstechnologie GmbH first began. The printing house changed hands many times.

In 1763, Wilhelm Junfermann took charge of the court printing works. A Junfermann publishing house is still in existence in Paderborn today, and is a renowned specialist printer of psychological publications.

In 1987, Junfermann Press merged with Ferdinand Schöningh Press and Westphalia Press to become the Paderborn Print Centre, which quickly became an international media service provider.

In 1991, we changed our name to Media-Print Informationstechnologie GmbH.

We’ve come a long way from a baroque court printing house to a modern media service provider! But all along we’ve thrived by combining a high level of technical expertise with a willingness to rise to new challenges and an openness to new technologies and innovative solutions. The result has been success for us – and success for our customers!